Rudrino Onebox

Rudrino Onebox

Why “Rudrino Onebox”?

Rudrino OneBox is a ready to use, end to end IIoT solution that does almost everything required for automation like data acquisition, translation, processing, visualization and analysis with internal IoT Gateway and Internal Web server.Build on Open Source Technology, Rudrino OneBox enables ease of deploying customized applications without getting locked with any Propitiatory Technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Lower TCO and Quick ROI
  • Cost Optimized, fit for every industry
  • Accurate and Pretested for Quality
  • Rapid Development and Deployment.
  • Sustainable Professional Development.
  • Certified Solution
  • Scalable Upgrade Options

Ideal for Automation Consultant

  IOT Gateway Rudrino One Box IIoT

Protocol Support

  • Supports mostly Digital Signal and Associated Proprietary Protocols
  • Supports Raw Analog, TTL and Standard Digital Level and Associated Protocol.
  • Can be used Directly with Legacy Machines.

Signal Conditioning

  • Does not have inbuilt capability.
  • Requires additional device,Integration, SI support, adding to the cost.
  • Signal Conditioning circuit is external and may not be certified
  • Signal Conditioning is Inbuilt and Robust. No additional cost.
  • Entire solution in CE, FCC certified

Low Level / Raw Signal Communication

  • Dose not have Communication Capability for Low level / Raw Signal
  • Takes care of Attenuation, Amplification, Linearization, Noise levels of signals
  • Suitable for almost all types of signal inputs

Protection Circuit and Isolation

  • Lacks Electrical Security of the Devices like Over Voltage, Over Current.
  • Power Noise, Industrial Noise need to be taken care externally.
  • Apart from Data security, Electrical Security is by design. It has strong and robust electrical security that protects the devices/sensors against, surge, lightning and ESD (Electro Static Discharge)

OT to IT Connectivity

  • Most IoT gateway requires additional mechanism for OT to IT connectivity
  • Direct connectivity to IT Infrastructure. Have inbuilt Web Server.
  • Direct connectivity to IT Infrastructure. Have inbuilt Web Server.

Adapter Support

  • Mostly limited to Net adapters
  • Provide a range of adapter support including Net adapter

Controlling Capability / Controlling Signals

  • Limited, can handle till 5 V, 10 mA Signals. Needs external circuit and integration to cater to high signal requirements
  • Out of the box can manage up-to 60W or 120W (5V-12V- 24V / 10A-20A) Does not require any additional integration effort.

Time to Deploy

  • Typically in Months, since it requires external circuit integration, testing, PoC before it can be put to use
  • Typically in weeks, since the solution includes all the integration, factory tested and certified.


  • Additional Circuitry required is not certified; hence solution based on this technology is only partially certified.
  • No need of additional circuitry hence complete solution is certified